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Gujarat Tour


Gujarat in its 26 districts, has the optimum variety any state can offer.

  • PEAK SEASON:October - March
  • DID YOU KNOW:Gujarat has the longest sea shore compared to any other Indian state.
  • MUST VISIT:Somnath Temple and Rann of Kutch.

Rich in every sense, Gujarat has much to offer the discerning tourist. Beautiful beaches line the coastline, dinosaur fossil fields and ancient cave art contrast with stunning white Jain temples. The mouth-watering food will satisfy any foodie, while the wildlife of the Rann of Kutch and Gir, the last bastion of the Asiatic lion, will more than gratify nature lovers. All in all, a holiday in Gujarat can be as decadent, wild or culturally rich as you wish it to be.

Gujarat has a colorful profile. The land is fertile, beautiful and prosperous on the coastline from Kutch in the West to Daman in South, the hill line from Aravali in the East to the Western hills with lush green forests, large and small rivers as well the plains in the middle. The rivers and reservoirs, farms and fields, villages and towns, suburbs and cities, markets and industries, temples and complexes add to its physical prosperity and unfold the prosperity of its historic basis. Number of historic monuments, religious places, industrial complexes and educational institutions glorify the cultural pride of Gujarat. It reminds us of great traditions of Lord Krishna to Mahatma Gandhi.

The journey through the width and breadth of Gujarat is not merely a physical tour of the land, it is a treat with its people. A treat, which gives an opportunity to know them in real sense, which would arouse feeling of proud and poetic welcome to the distinguished land. The fairs and festivals are a time of rejoicement and rejuvenation when the people shed their inhibitions and join unitedly in the festive exuberance. The fairs are mostly held in rural areas where the folk art, folk music and folk dances are displayed with all the originality and performing genius.

Places to Visit:

  • Kutch
    • Dhodado
    • Kala Dongar
    • Mandvi
    • Narayansarovar – Koteshwar
    • Mata nu Madd
    • Bhuj
  • Gir Forest
  • Somnath / Dwarka
  • Ahemdabad