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Rajasthan Tour


Tourist attractions in Rajasthan are truly an extension of its people and the very culture of the state.

  • PEAK SEASON:September - March
  • DID YOU KNOW:The largest State in India was known as Rajputana prior to independence.
  • MUST VISIT:Jodhpur , Udaipur

Rajasthan is one of the most popular travel destination in India. Every third foreign tourist visiting India also travels to Rajasthan. Known for Historical Monuments, the modern Rajasthan Tourism is benchmarked for the warm hospitality and Internationally Awarded Hotels & Resorts. Here you'll see a perfect amalgamation of ages old traditional culture, modern luxury and comforts. Touring Rajasthan is a unique experience which leaves you spell bounded as you explore it more & more. The major Tourist Destinations like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur are well interconnected to take up a round tour in form of Itinerary.

Everything about Rajasthan fascinates- from miles of golden stretches of sand to the kaleidoscope of magnificent forts, opulent palaces and prodigious havelis, each a splendid architectural creation having a legend of its own. The magical land set amidst the acheronian desert beauty. the land synonymous with romance and chivalry.immensely rich in culture, history and natural beauty. That's Rajasthan, the Land of Royalty. Always teeming with color, bliss and conviviality that's unique to this part of the country. Its imperial forts and august palaces of Rajasthan dotting the sandscape remind one of the royal lifestyles of the maharajahs of Rajasthan and their flamboyant courts. From the lifelike frescoes and murals in the citadels to the impetuous festivity in the streets of Rajasthan, the savor of royalty can be felt at every corner of the state.

The tourist attractions in Rajasthan are characterized by a charming mix color and an exotic aura that can dazzle any onlooker. No wonder, a travel to Rajasthan is on the agenda of every second traveler you will come across in India. Indeed, this is the magic of Rajasthan that draws hordes of visitors with its unconventional beauty and vibrant presence.

Places to Visit:

  • Jodhpur
  • Udaipur / Nathdwara
  • Bikaner
  • Jaiselmair
  • Ajmer
  • Mount Abu
  • Ranthambore